On April 2023, we bid farewell to an exceptional leader, Kerry Morash, who has dedicated countless hours to our organization’s growth and success. Kerry Morash’s tenure as president has been nothing short of remarkable. Kerry’s empathetic leadership style has fostered a culture of inclusivity, innovation, and collaboration. We are grateful for his years of service and wish him a well-deserved retirement filled with joy and fulfillment.

As we say goodbye to one chapter, we eagerly anticipate the arrival of our new president, Ashley Christian, who brings a fresh perspective and a wealth of experience to guide us into the future. As we forge on a new and exciting chapter, we extend a warm welcome to our new president, Ashley Christian. Ashley’s extensive background in leadership and her passion for our organization’s mission make her an ideal choice to carry the torch forward. We eagerly anticipate the fresh ideas, innovative strategies, and transformative initiatives she will bring to our organization. Ashley’s leadership style is rooted in fostering a culture of growth and excellence.

Change brings both nostalgia and excitement, as we bid farewell to Kerry Morash and welcome Ashley Christian as our new president. We express our deepest gratitude to Kerry for his exceptional leadership and the legacy he leaves behind. Simultaneously, we look forward to embarking on this new journey with Ashley. Together, we will build upon the foundation laid by our predecessors and forge a future that propels our organization to even greater heights. Here’s to a seamless transition and a bright future under Ashley’s guidance!