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The South Queens Chamber of Commerce (SQCC) has represented the business community for over 100 years.  It has been a powerful, unified force encouraging commercial and industrial development.  It has the potential to be such a force again, and we need your help!

Why Join the Chamber of Commerce?

The Chamber of Commerce is a voice for its community and businesses, unceasingly promoting their products and services, and at the same time is their watchdog protecting their interest, particularly in the political arena. The 500 plus Chamber of Commerce in Canada have great networking and lobbying capacity for members as they operate on a provincial, regional and national basis. This united voice of the Chamber of Commerce has often proven effective and beneficial to business where a single voice can go unheard. The benefit of belonging to the Chamber is full-time representation and year-round results.

It’s Everybody’s Chamber!

Basic to all activities of the Chamber is its unifying influence. Through committee involvement, every chamber member can contribute to an organized effort that is mutually beneficial to their community and to themselves. Over the years, Chamber of Commerce operations, attitudes and programs have changed to meet the challenges of today. However, one premise remains intact: the integral role of involvement and concerned business people to protect, preserve and improve our free enterprise system.
Today as it was in 1750 when the first Board of Trade in Canada was formed in Halifax, the basic concept has remained the same: a voluntary organization representing the business community marshalling the energies and efforts of its membership toward the accomplishment of common goals.

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