Thank you to everyone who joined us at last night’s event. It is evident that the Provincial Government stands ready to back those regions that take proactive steps towards improvement and development. With this understanding, our intimate event last night, though attended by 15 dedicated individuals, served as a foundational step toward embracing change and fostering a community that says, “we are open for business, newcomers, and families.”.

Our conversation revolved around how we, as a collective voice comprising the Chamber of Commerce, community organizations, and local businesses, can propel this part of the Region towards a brighter, more inclusive future. Here are the main points of conversation, reflective of our collective vision and the pathway forward:

Focus on Excellence: Prioritizing quality in one area can set a standard for excellence and growth.
Community Branding: Identifying and promoting our unique identity is crucial. Who are we as a community? Asking this question to guide our collective efforts.
Embracing Growth: We are transitioning from a period of stagnation to one of growth and opportunity. This is a journey we are ready to embark on together.
Enhanced Cooperation with RoQ Municipality: Building a stronger and positive relationship with the Region of Queens is vital for our collective success.
Strengthening Ties: Communication and collaboration among community organizations are essential. We are stronger together.
Engaging Corporate South Queens: It’s time to involve more businesses in our efforts, ensuring their voices are heard and their contributions valued.
Celebrating Our Achievements: Recognizing and celebrating our assets and successes can inspire both newcomers and long-standing residents.
Adapting to Change: As our population and business landscape evolve, so must the SQCC. It’s an exciting time to grow and adapt.
Prioritizing Housing: Addressing our housing needs is fundamental to supporting our expanding community.
Leveraging Our Waterfront: Our under-utilized waterfront represents a tremendous opportunity for development and engagement.

Moving forward, we aim to translate these discussions into actionable plans, including holding strategic sessions focused on how we can collectively declare, “We are open for business, newcomers, and families.”

Your involvement, ideas, and enthusiasm are the bedrock of our success. We invite you to stay engaged, offer feedback, and contribute to the initiatives that will shape our future. Together, we can create a vibrant, welcoming, and prosperous community for all.

With appreciation,

Rigel Jones
Executive Director

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