Business Skills

Business Skills Curriculum

This program has been developed for small to medium-sized businesses and provides you with an overview and understanding of how to grow a strong and profitable business. This is achieved by priming your business, strategically positioning your company, and then developing a strategy that focuses on optimizing profit through pricing, creating a marketing strategy, and assessing priorities for business growth.

By completing the curriculum and the associated exercises, the program participants will be able to:
• Define the organization’s strategic position
• Complete a SWOT analysis
• Identify at least five guiding principles
• Define the positioning statement
• Identify the key components of a safety culture for the business
• List the key elements of a strategic plan
• Determine key business goals for the period defined by the strategic plan
• Define the features and benefits of the product/service offerings
• Identify the main components of a promotional strategy
• Explain fundamental pricing terminology
• Formulate a product/service pricing structure that optimizes profit
• Assess short, medium and long-term priorities for business growth
• Develop a two-year action plan for business growth

Course Topics:

Standard Topics (minimum 32 hours): (all of this content must be delivered as a part of this program)
Strategic positioning

Guiding principles

Strategic planning fundamentals

Determining business goals

Defining products/services

Promoting products/services

Pricing for profit

Developing an action plan

Interchangeable Topics (maximum 8 hours): (choose from the topics in this list to complete the
non standardized portion of the program)

Project planning cycle

Team building

Successful bidding and tendering

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    Business Skills

    Start Date: September 2024
    Duration: 10 weeks (4 hours per week)
    Cost: Free
    Delivery: Virtual
    Instructor: TBD

    Receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of the course.

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