Communication Skills for Leaders

Communication Skills for Leaders – Level 1

Doing business in 2023 is very different from how many of us operated even five years ago, especially when it comes to how we connect with employees and market to customers. In response to this, Communication Skills for Leaders is designed to support you in navigating through the
changing trends around how people communicate in the workplace and marketplace. This program is also the cornerstone for attracting and
retaining the right employees.

* As a foundational program, this is a prerequisite for other programs including Transformational Leadership (Level I).

By completing the curriculum and the associated exercises, the program participants will be able to:
Interpret basic body language cues
Interpret para-verbal communication

Demonstrate active listening

Identify and apply the four main communication styles

Describe the impact of intention in the communication process

Explain triangulation in the workplace

Demonstrate how to have a difficult conversation

Describe the characteristics of the different generations

Apply best practices in workplace communication

Course Topics:

Standard Topics (minimum 32 hours): (all of this content must be delivered as a part of this program)
Verbal vs non-verbal communication
Active listening

Communication styles

Power of intention


Best practices in workplace communication

Navigating a multi-generational workplace

Difficult conversations

Interchangeable Topics (maximum 8 hours): (choose from the topics in this list to complete the
non standardized portion of the program)

Goal setting
Team building

Time management

Leading meetings

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    Communication Skills for Leaders - Level 1

    Start Date: November 29
    Duration: 10 weeks (4 hours per week)
    Cost: Free
    Delivery: Virtual
    Instructor: Lisette Jones

    Receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of the course.

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