Social Media II – Content Marketing

Social Media II – Content Marketing

Pre-Requisite(s): Marketing for Business or Business Skills

The Content Marketing program has been designed for business owners who have a clear understanding of their ideal customer(s), where they are/want to be positioned in the marketplace, and are committed to grow their online presence. While program such as Social Media teach you the mechanics of being online, Content Marketing is focused on strategic decision making. With this in mind, this program will provide you with the opportunity to identify the social media platforms best suited to your offering, develop appropriate content, guide you through creating a social media planner, and show you how to grow you following. Along
the way you will learn about the importance of cultivating an  email strategy, how to go live, how to organize all your content, and how to measure & analyze engagement.

Learning Outcomes:
• Confirm the company’s position in the marketplace
• Identify the targeted user profile for various social media platforms
• Determine the right fit between the offering and social media platforms
• Identify content pillars
• Create lead magnets
• Identify the 5+ categories for social media content
• Craft content based on content pillars and categories
• Describe the structure of a posting
• Write captions and CTAs
• Choose images
• Develop a monthly social media calendar
• Identify the tech stack
• Plan for live video
• Set engagement goals
• Track and calculate engagement
• List the basics elements of Canva
• Create folders in Canva
• Build a brand board
• Navigate the Canva dashboard
• Creating social media posts in Canva
• Develop a strategy for naming, organizing, and storing social media content
• Create a site map for records management
• Develop SOPs for creating, uploading and storing content

Standard Topics:

• Strategic positioning in the marketplace – review
• Choosing the right social media platform
• Building a content marketing strategy
• Creating a social media planner
• Live video
• Measuring and analyzing engagement
• Canva basics
• Organizing social media content

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Social Media II - Content Marketing

Start Date: February 2024
Duration: 10 weeks (4 hours per week)
Cost: Free
Delivery: Virtual
Instructor: Rick McMullin
6 Seats Left

Receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of the course.

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